Fallen Arise – Adeline

“Adeline” is a melodic, heavy and groovy symphonic metal album, that combines a theatrical atmosphere with a progressive approach and a heavy-metal-alike heaviness. Containing a gothic-like conceptual story, and enhanced by the participation of a 40-member ensemble, the sophomore album of Fallen Arise sounds sometimes lyrical and sometimes extreme, mostly because of the ideal combination of female symphonic vocals and brutal growls, performed by two seperate singers. Fans of symphonic metal pioneers Nightwish and Epica will be equally pleased with listeners of more gothic acts such as Within Temptation and enthusiasts of more progressive-sounding female-fronted acts, like After Forever.

Track List

1. Prologue In Dminor
2. The Curse Of Adeline
3. We’re Becoming Gods
4. Divine Bride
5. Silent Weeping
6. The Heart Of The Damned
7. My Last Breath
8. White Crystal Angel
9. Funeral
10. Music Box
11. As Far The Memory Remains
12. Oceans Of Time
13. Epilogue