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Nachtmystium- Resilient (Digipack CD)

Reformed American black metallers Nachtmystium have returned from the shadows on new EP, “Resilient,” their first for Prophecy Productions. Spearheaded by enigma Blake Judd, the reconfigured Nachtmystium picks up where acclaimed full-lengths “The World We Left Behind” and “Silencing Machine” left off but sheds unprecedented darkness on Judd’s artistic turmoil. The violent introspection spread across […]

Nachtmystium – Resilient (Double CD Artbook)

2CD hardcover book (18×18 cm, 36 pages) incl. bonus CD with 8 tracks (1 original new track and 7 live tracks) and additional artwork (700 copies available) Track List CD1 1. Conversion 2. Resilient 3. Silver Lanterns 4. Desert Illumination CD2 1. Voidless 2. A Seed For Suffering (live) 3. Keep Them Open (live) 4. […]